10 signs you’re so heartbroken that you’re sick

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10 signs you're so heartbroken that you're sick 2
10 signs you're so heartbroken that you're sick 2

Heartbreak is a feeling of loneliness and despair due to failure in love.

Many people still complain that `It’s too difficult to escape the pain of lost love`, the image of the `lost lover` keeps haunting their minds, maybe for a few years, even decades.

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`Severe` lovelessness is considered a psychological disease.

So, try asking yourself, have you ever had a crush on someone in the past that didn’t reciprocate, and do you still miss them now?

Heartbreak becomes a `disease` when you feel hopeless and bored with life.

All you need is to win that person’s heart, while you yourself cannot explain why you only need that person and not anyone else.

With each passing day, you find yourself more in love, more stressed, more reckless, easily angered by the indifference of your `lost lover`, but easily excited whenever they give you any attention.

There is an extremely thin line between normal heartbreak and heartbreak.

1. Mood swings

You almost always feel depressed and hopeless, thinking that there is no reason to live without that person’s love.

Suppose: When you love someone and ask them out.

2. Isolate yourself

Heartbreak will get worse if your lover rejects you for a few weeks or months and then returns to try to get your attention while you’re trying to get away.

Then you want to isolate yourself from the world, nothing interests you, while no one understands what you are thinking.

3. Always feel tired

Prolonged mental stress makes you easily tired, leaving you with no energy to do anything you want.

4. Loss of appetite

Looking at food makes you feel nauseous and lose your appetite.

5. Loss of concentration

You are always distracted, even doing nothing, even though you feel you have done your best.

6. Compulsive disorder

You always check your email inbox, Facebook or phone to see if you have received a new message from this person.

7. Hoard memories

You treasure the memory of that person and hold on to small, seemingly meaningless things, maybe just a movie ticket or a strand of hair.

8. Overthinking

You spend hours analyzing what that person says, the words he or she uses.

9. Crying

The passing of someone makes you cry even for no reason.

10. Insomnia

You can’t sleep, you even have to take sedatives.

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