4 layers of defense protect the world from Covid-19

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4 layers of defense protect the world from Covid-19 4
4 layers of defense protect the world from Covid-19 4

A year and a half since Covid-19 broke out globally, the world is still reeling from new waves of the pandemic.

Compared to early July, the average daily number of nCoV infections in the US has increased 9 times, most infections are concentrated in areas with low vaccination rates.

CNA commentator William Haseltine assessed that in every pandemic wave the US has experienced, doing too little compared to what could have cost them dearly.

`From what we know about the virus’s ability to adapt and evolve through mutations, there is only one viable option to control the epidemic in the long term. That is a strategy that combines an increasingly abundant vaccine inventory

A laboratory technician holds a box of the antiviral drug Remdesivir, used to treat Covid-19, in Cairo, Egypt, on June 1.

Vaccines, the first line of defense against Covid-19, have been highly effective since the first generation.

However, even with booster shots and subsequent generations of vaccines adjusted to be effective against new strains, the pandemic is unlikely to end with vaccination alone, Haseltine said.

`Vaccines will not be effective for everyone. In the ideal case against the original virus strain, vaccines still have a 5% failure rate. Meanwhile, the Delta strain has demonstrated the ability to overcome defenses.

In addition, the vaccine is less effective in many groups such as organ transplant recipients, people using immunosuppressive drugs, cancer patients and some elderly people.

Therefore, antiviral and other preventive drugs will fill the gap, creating a second layer of defense against Covid-19.

Most of the focus is directed towards the use of these drugs as a treatment.

These drugs are not currently widely used, due to high production costs and the need for intravenous infusion in the clinical setting.

The next layer of defense comes from public health measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus.

These strategies are considered to have played an important protective role against nearly all infectious diseases in modern history.

`Instead of testing, tracing and quarantining, the secret could become testing, tracing and taking drugs, a much more pleasant alternative. These drugs also open up new opportunities for the tourism industry,

According to Haseltine, the first three layers of defense help create a great defense against Covid-19, but will not be enough if they are not deployed everywhere.

International cooperation mechanisms are said to be weakened by personal desires and vaccine nationalism.

In addition to these efforts, Haseltine believes that the international community also needs to invest in global disease surveillance to identify new outbreak points, especially outbreaks due to easily spread variants.

`After 18 months of the pandemic, we have what it takes to end it. Now it’s a matter of applying the knowledge and tools. No single approach is enough. Together

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