50 billion USD plan to spread Covid-19 vaccine globally

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50 billion USD plan to spread Covid-19 vaccine globally 4
50 billion USD plan to spread Covid-19 vaccine globally 4

It will be difficult for the world to recover from the pandemic if the health crisis is not ended.

The vaccine deployment process has made impressive progress, with unprecedented achievements from scientists, as well as funding for research and development, expanding the scale of vaccine production.

Some rich countries are discussing booster shots, but the majority of people in developing countries, even frontline health workers, have not yet received their first dose.

Uneven vaccine distribution leaves many people vulnerable, while also allowing dangerous variants to emerge and spread around the world.

Security guard administering Covid-19 vaccine in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, March 2021.

The situation can be improved.

The IMF’s plan is launched with clear goals, realistic operations and reasonable costs.

With an estimated funding source of about 50 billion USD, the plan will help low- and middle-income countries control the epidemic faster, reduce infection and loss of life, accelerate economic recovery, creating 9 thousand

First, speed up vaccine deployment for more people.

This requires additional funding for low- and middle-income countries, through grants and concessional loans.

Second, booster vaccinations help prevent the risk of new variants emerging.

All factors that hinder increased supply must be eliminated.

Third, immediately ramp up testing, medical oxygen production, and treatment measures, while stepping up vaccine deployment and the ACT-A initiative.

Speed and coordination are very important.

Global coordination based on transparency in the vaccine purchasing and distribution process is also important.

Organizations are working to make the global commitment a reality.

The World Bank will have vaccine projects in at least 50 countries by the end of June. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) mobilizes the private sector to increase vaccine supply to developing countries.

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