6 ways to get rich without a degree

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6 ways to get rich without a degree 20
6 ways to get rich without a degree 20

In a well-organized civilized society, advantages will open to many wealthy individuals.

Let’s consider the following cases:

1. In a strong group, you are the weak one;

Many Westerners cannot compete with the domestic work environment and then have to move to less developed countries and quickly become successful there.

Many Vietnamese, Chinese, Indians… with very low domestic qualifications, only work as workers, but when they go to underdeveloped African countries, they become bosses.

2. Working for the rich and educated (educational symbiosis)

As more people become rich, the level of living expenses or daily living services and manual work is increasing.

– Working on site: Living expenses are high, making sales services, catering, cleaning services, garments… increase.

– Labor export: When an educated, highly organized society is formed, its members will refuse jobs with low income, hard labor, and instability… This

>> Illusion ‘If you don’t study, you’ll still get rich quickly’

3. Work for a specialized automatic line system

In a society with a high level of specialization, a product is made by a highly specialized chain system, each link is a small task that has been simplified and simplified according to the algorithm.

4. Become a `super broker` (connecting customers with production areas)

Merchant is probably a quite direct and ancient name for this form.

Another form that cannot be ignored is becoming media and social network stars.

5. Win the jackpot

There are people who get rich thanks to lottery activities or other `luck` games.

6. Combination of more than one of the above factors

Of course, there will be many cases of getting rich without education using many combinations of the above ways to get rich.

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After more than 10 years of hard work, I still couldn’t escape poverty

Study at university to get rich sustainably

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