7 things every child must know

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7 things every child must know 2
7 things every child must know 2

1. Money cannot buy everything

A child needs to understand that there are things that money cannot buy, such as family, happiness, talent or health… All of these are extremely important and meaningful things in life.

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2. Respect can only be gained through striving

Only when you respect others can you expect others to respect you in return.

3. Relationships need to be cared for and nurtured

Just loving someone is not enough.

4. Don’t look down on anything/someone

Only when you have lost something or someone do you realize the true value of that thing/person.

5. Luck and hard work always go together

A child needs to realize that he cannot just sit idle and wait for luck to come and open the door to success.

6. The value of discipline

It is extremely important for a child to understand the importance of discipline in life.

7. The importance of apologizing

Sometimes, all it takes to get things back to normal is a simple apology.

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