A painful journey for beauty

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A painful journey for beauty 0
A painful journey for beauty 0

Jacqueline’s face was described as `pig-like` after her surgery.

`My whole face was swollen. My eyes could only be opened with difficulty,` Peggy said about her condition after surgery.

Luckily for Peggy, that feeling didn’t last long.

`The doctor said that exercising after surgery can help the facial shaping process go faster and have better blood circulation. I don’t feel too much pain. In fact, walking helps me not

`At a barbecue restaurant, the Koreans at the next table even congratulated me and gave us an extra piece of meat!`, she mentioned an experience in the city of Seoul.

On the contrary, Jacqueline, who along with Peggy publicly announced their plastic surgery story, was frightened and depressed after the surgery.

`I was so scared and asked the doctor if he could reverse time. I cried out, ‘Oh my god, why do I look like this? I don’t want any more surgery, sir.

`I look like a pig. I absolutely can’t believe that I can look better after removing those bandages. I feel like I’ve been cheated and frustrated with my swollen face.`

Unsatisfied with her new chin, Jacqueline decided to have another surgery as soon as the contours obtained after the surgery were fixed.

`I don’t dare to take close-up photos of my face because it makes me feel ugly and want to commit suicide,` Jacqueline said about her feeling when she just finished surgery.

For Peggy, the most painful moment was when she had to have her stitches removed and was not allowed to wash her face for four days.

`Removing the stitches in my eyes hurt a lot. I cried non-stop because it was so painful. But the worst thing was that I wasn’t allowed to wash my hair. I couldn’t stand that so I had to pay for it.`

Risk of addiction to `cutlery`

After returning from Korea, both Jacqueline and Peggy affirmed that they had no intention of having any more surgeries, rejecting the idea that they would become girls `addicted to plastic surgery`.

`Let’s stop here, I’m very happy with my current face. The idea of plastic surgery is no longer in my mind. That’s why I decided to do it all at once, to avoid

`I don’t think I’ll have any more surgery,` Jacqueline said, adding that she sees her transformation as a long, painful journey to achieve her dream look.

`My boyfriend, who is now my husband, was very worried about complications, such as the risk of cancer, health problems, so he did not support me having any more surgeries.`

Going under the knife is no stranger to Jacqueline.

`Liposuction was very painful. The doctor was terrible. He made my arms ‘wavy’ because the fat was not divided properly,` Jacqueline said.

`I even woke up in the middle of surgery and screamed in pain.

Face society

A painful journey for beauty

Jacqueline, left, once wanted to look like Hong Kong actress Angela Baby.

Both girls wrote extensively about their experiences on their blogs, in response to a whirlwind of emails from curious readers.

`When I started learning about cosmetic surgery, I wanted to receive advice from those who had gone before me, but no one met my needs. The forums were not detailed and contained a lot of false information.

However, she was also worried when she received letters from readers who were too young, some as young as 14 years old.

`My first question for the readers is ‘How old are you?’. The important thing is that you should not decide to have cosmetic surgery just because of fashion,` she said.

`In your teens, you can’t foresee the consequences. You want instant results, thinking everything will be fine and wonderful? But that’s not the case.`

Peggy said the majority of responses from her readers have been quite positive.

`I just won a beauty contest, and of course a lot of people said my face was ‘fake’, but who cares, I’m the winner, not them.`

Similarly, Jacqueline said that `a very thick skin` helped her ignore her naysayers, while her husband couldn’t stop worrying about letters calling her `plastic` and `fake`.

`He protected me and didn’t want people to think badly of me. I told him that none of that could affect me.`

Both girls said that the decision to publicly announce their plastic surgery cannot be for everyone, especially those who do not have enough self-esteem.

`Plastic surgery still goes against the views of some people in society. But you don’t owe any explanation. Making yourself more beautiful is for yourself,` Jacqueline said.

`There comes a time when you have to love yourself first. I know it’s cliché advice, but if you don’t truly love yourself, no amount of plastic surgery in the world can make you

Quynh Hoa (according to Yahoo! Singapore)

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