American men catch a plane to work every day

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American men catch a plane to work every day 0
American men catch a plane to work every day 0

American men catch a plane to work every day

Mr. Curt von Badinski, co-founder of a technology company headquartered in San Francisco, northern California, USA, spends 6 hours every day going to and from work, of which most of the time is

Von Badinski wakes up at 5 a.m. every day.

Surf Air provides comprehensive services for passengers.

As a regular customer, Mr. von Badinski was able to skip the security check at the airport and go straight from the airplane parking lot to the car parking lot.

Starting work at 8:30 a.m., leaving work at 5 p.m., von Badinski took another three hours to return home, repeating the same journey as in the morning.

`When I tell people that I go to work every day by plane, they are surprised and ask me, ‘Every day? Every day? Really every day?’

When sitting on the plane, von Badinski often takes the time to work or connect with other businessmen on the same flight.

Curt von Badinski founded the company in Los Angeles but later moved its headquarters to San Francisco because it was a tech hub with `a lot of suitable talent.`

`I want to have time to work at the company and interact with employees… but I also want to be with my family in Los Angeles,` von Badinski explained why he commutes so far to work every day.

It takes up to 6 hours to go to work by car and plane every day, but von Badinski doesn’t feel too tired.

`During the first few months of working like this, I was completely surprised by the weather,` he said.

Curt von Badinski is not the only person in the world who commutes by plane.

`I think the advantage of having to travel 6 hours a day is that I can do everything I want at the same time,` Mr. von Badinski did not appear tired and even said he was very excited about the journey.

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