Americans lined up for 4 hours to receive food aid

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Americans lined up for 4 hours to receive food aid 4
Americans lined up for 4 hours to receive food aid 4

`Are you here to receive food?`, they were asked as they entered.

The answer is always: `Yes`.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Freestore Food Bank provided food to about 100 – 125 people a day.

For some people in line, this is a shame they don’t want to talk about.

A group of cars lined up to receive food relief in Arlington, Texas, on November 20.

Marquette Brant was allowed to receive 35 pounds (15.8 kg) of food, but she took less.

Brant stood waiting to receive her order under a painting with the word `Hope` in bold, white letters. For her, hope now was the tuna and pasta she ate last night, a dinner made from relief food.

That’s the story happening across America this Thanksgiving season.

`Food banks are consistently seeing a 60% increase in demand this year compared to this time last year and continue to request more food and resources to get to those in need,` Feeding America said.

US Census data released this week shows that about 12% of adults living in US households with children have received free food or a free meal in the previous week, according to the survey.

In some areas, the situation is even more serious.

Americans lined up for 4 hours to receive food aid

Sergeant David Daniels, of the Arizona National Guard, helps distribute food in Phoenix on November 23.

Across the United States, food charities report an increased need for support leading up to Thanksgiving.

In Arizona, a convoy of cars waited to receive food at the St. Louis Food Bank.

In Ohio, the state’s National Guard helped distribute food to the Akron – Canton area.

In rural California, food banks face unprecedented demand.

`The food system has not done a good job of meeting the increased demand. As the number of Covid-19 cases continues to increase, the situation will get worse,` said Nicole Celaya, Tulare County FoodLink executive director.

Feeding America, which claims to be America’s largest food assistance organization, encourages people with the ability to help those in need to volunteer to distribute or donate food.

Americans lined up for 4 hours to receive food aid

Volunteers distributed free turkeys to people in need in Chicago, Illinois, on November 23.

In Petal, Mississippi, this donation is desperately needed.

`We have met many people whose work hours have been reduced, some have lost their jobs, and they come to us not because they want to ask for food but because they have to,` said Demaris Lee, the group’s executive director.

However, this organization is dependent on donations to help people in need.

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