Biden chooses someone tough on China to be US Trade Representative

Biden chooses someone tough on China to be US Trade Representative 1
Biden chooses someone tough on China to be US Trade Representative 1

If confirmed by the Senate, Ms. Tai will be in charge of an important position in the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden, tasked with introducing import regulations and negotiating terms in trade agreements.

Commercial lawyer Katherine Tai.

Tai, an Asian American, could also become the first woman of color to serve as US Trade Representative.

Biden’s selection of Tai as US Trade Representative seems to be intended to send a message about the new administration’s multilateral trade approach to promote US trade interests as well as cope with today’s economic competition.

In a press release on December 10, President-elect Biden mentioned Tai’s experience as an important factor when the new administration reviews the trade agreement signed by President Donald Trump with Chinese representatives.

`Tai’s profound experience will help the Biden – Harris administration return to the trade race, strengthen trade relationships, and help the US escape the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.`

Tai will replace the position currently held by Robert Lighthizer.

Although Tai prioritizes a multilateral approach to trade issues more than Lighthizer, her appointment as US Trade Representative is not necessarily a sign that the Biden administration will change its tough stance on China.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Biden said he would not immediately lift tariffs on China.

The president-elect also refused to reveal whether he supported the US joining a specific trade agreement, saying he would only do this after he took office.

One of the first actions when Trump came to power was to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that the Obama administration reached with 11 other countries.

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