Boris Johnson – Britain’s controversial new Prime Minister

Boris Johnson - Britain's controversial new Prime Minister 0
Boris Johnson - Britain's controversial new Prime Minister 0

New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was elected on July 23 as the new leader of the ruling Conservative Party, meaning he will become the new British Prime Minister to replace Theresa May, who lost credibility in the party because

The new British Prime Minister is famous for his unkempt blond hair, which seems to have become his trademark, and his bold, unafraid speaking style.

He once attracted attention with the image of himself hanging on a zipper, holding the British flag in his hand to cheer for the 2012 London Olympics. Johnson also often makes headlines with tricky love stories.

Johnson graduated from Oxford University and can speak both French and Italian.

Johnson was a reporter before turning his attention to politics, but his career in the media industry was also controversial.

A few years later, Johnson was appointed resident correspondent in Brussels, Belgium, for the Daily Telegraph, where he made a name for himself with his anti-EU articles.

In a 2017 New Statesman article, former Times editor Martin Fletcher described Johnson’s mission as `spreading Euroscepticism and taking every opportunity to criticize the EU.`

Johnson first married in 1987 to Allegra Mostyn-Owen, but the couple divorced in 1993. Just 12 days after the divorce, he married lawyer Marina Wheeler and had four children with her.

Returning to London from Belgium, Johnson was elected chief political commentator of the Telegraph newspaper, chief editor of Spectator magazine, regularly appeared on television and became a member of the Conservative Party parliament.

But his extramarital relationship with female reporter Petronella Wyatt from Spectator magazine caused him to be expelled from the Conservative Party cabinet.

When former prime minister David Cameron was elected leader of the Conservative Party in 2005, he sought to bring Johnson back into the cabinet but was unsuccessful because of opposition from other party members.

Boris Johnson - Britain's controversial new Prime Minister

Boris Johnson hangs on a zip line to cheer at the 2012 London Olympics. Photo: Barcroft Media.

Johnson’s ego and political ambitions grew after he was re-elected mayor of London in 2012. However, the biggest turning point in his career came from the Brexit movement (Britain leaving the EU).

The 2016 British referendum with results favoring the option of leaving the European Union created a boost in his political path.

Throughout his career, Johnson has `slandered` many times, even insulting an entire nation.

In 2006, he had to apologize to Papua New Guinea after writing in the Daily Telegraph: `Over the past 10 years, we, members of the Conservative Party, have become familiar with extremist cannibals and murderers.

Papua New Guinea High Commissioner in London Jean L Kekedo criticized Johnson’s statement as `an insult to the dignity and intelligence` of the entire people of this country.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he angered the Chinese host by saying that table tennis was not invented by the Chinese but was in fact developed from a British game called `whiff-whaff`.

In 2018, Johnson participated in a contest to write poetry defaming Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

However, Johnson’s election as British Prime Minister is not a surprising result, because he has received a lot of support since Mrs. May announced her resignation after failing to agree on a Brexit deal with the EU.

Johnson takes over from his predecessor while the Brexit deal remains deadlocked.

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