Chili prices dropped dramatically

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Chili prices dropped dramatically 3
Chili prices dropped dramatically 3

When I stopped the car on the bank of the N20 canal, Mr. Tran Van Thiem, a farmer in Loc Thanh hamlet, Loc Hung commune (Trang Bang, Tay Ninh) was working in the chili field. Mr. Thiem raised his head and asked, `Are you here to buy chili?`

I asked if the price is 15,000 – 16,000 VND/kg, is it profitable?

Going to the hamlets of Gia Tan, Loc Khe… of Gia Loc commune (Trang Bang), everywhere I go, I see chili peppers and also see… the sadness of chili growers.

Harvesting chili in Loc Thanh hamlet, Loc Hung commune (Trang Bang, Tay Ninh).

In Cu Chi district (HCMC), many chili growing households are also complaining because the price of chili has dropped too sharply and too quickly.

The authorities of communes that grow a lot of chili in Cu Chi and Trang Bang districts were also surprised by the sharp drop in chili prices.

According to Mr. Tan, each hectare of chili investment costs over 100 million VND, with a yield of about 8 tons/ha.

According to Vietnam Agriculture

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