China warns British aircraft carrier

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China warns British aircraft carrier 3
China warns British aircraft carrier 3

Global Times, a newspaper belonging to People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, published an editorial earlier this week asserting that `the Chinese navy is in a high state of combat readiness` and `is closely monitoring

The editorial was published by Global Times on July 26, the same day the Queen Elizabeth combat group practiced with three warships of the Singapore navy in international waters south of the East Sea.

The Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and accompanying warships then moved north, deep into the East Sea.

British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth moves in the Gulf of Aden on July 12.

China drew the so-called 9-dash line and claimed unreasonable sovereignty over most of the East Sea area, while illegally building and militarizing artificial islands on the entities it occupied.

Veerle Nouwens, a research expert at the British Royal Institute for Defense and Security Studies (RUSI) in London, said that China does not want to confront Britain, a major ally of the US, in the East Sea, but this country

`If the UK deploys freedom of navigation operations in the East Sea, we will likely witness a situation similar to the landing ship HMS Albion encountered in 2018,` Nouwens said.

When the Albion ship operated in the East Sea in 2018, a Chinese warship followed closely at a distance of 200 m, repeatedly asking the British navy ship to leave.

Global Times said that when the Queen Elizabeth ship goes deep into the East Sea, the Chinese navy will see this as an opportunity to `practice and deeply study the newest British warship`.

The newspaper also quoted a Chinese embassy spokesman in London as saying that `the threat to freedom of navigation can only come from an aircraft carrier strike group coming to the East Sea from halfway around the world and the

Sidharth Kaushal, naval expert at RUSI, said that although China issued a seemingly tough warning about the presence of the Queen Elizabeth battle group in the East Sea, `Beijing’s actions will be adjusted downwards.`

The deployment of the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth and accompanying warships to the Asia-Pacific is seen as Britain’s bid to play a more prominent role in global security, according to a recent government review.

China recently upgraded its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile arsenal, including building more than 100 launch wells in the desert of Xinjiang.

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