China’s hostile trade wars

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China's hostile trade wars 1
China's hostile trade wars 1

1. Banana war with the Philippines

On April 8, the Philippines’ largest warship encountered a Chinese surveillance fleet at Scarborough Shoal (East Sea) when it discovered many fishermen from that country were fishing here.

The trade war between the two countries has been simmering since March when many Chinese businesses accused Philippine bananas of being contaminated with pesticides and unsafe for the country’s people.

In addition, China’s General Administration of Standards, Metrology and Quality also increased inspections of products such as papaya, mango, coconut and pineapple from the Philippines.

The Philippine tourism industry was also affected when China advised its citizens not to come here for security reasons.

It was not until May 29 that China began importing bananas from the Philippines again.

2. Rare earth war with Japan

China's hostile trade wars

On September 7, 2010, Japan arrested a Chinese captain when his fishing boat collided with two Japanese patrol boats at the disputed Sensaku/Diaoyu island between Okinawa and Taiwan.

The Chinese government has denied the above information.

Similar to the Philippines, China also advised state-owned tourism companies not to use Japanese names and photos in advertising.

3. Salmon war with Norway

China's hostile trade wars

China is not just targeting Asian countries.

When this information was announced, China immediately summoned the Norwegian ambassador to protest.

In the months that followed, China almost froze all free trade agreements (FTA) with Norway and imposed strict inspection orders on salmon products imported from this country.

4. Anti-dumping tactic of goods from the US

China's hostile trade wars

The trade war between these two economic powers has lasted for many years and has always been the focus of attention of the whole world.

In October 2009, China imposed anti-dumping duties on nylon bags imported from the US, EU, Russia and even Taiwan.

In December 2009, the US International Trade Commission announced that the country’s market was being manipulated by subsidized Chinese steel.

In March 2012, the US, Japan and the EU jointly filed a lawsuit against China at the World Trade Organization (WTO) because the country restricted the export of rare earths.

Also in March, the US Department of Commerce announced an increase in import tariffs on Chinese solar cells on the grounds of dumping.

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