Chinese ‘single girls’ are not afraid of being single

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Chinese 'single girls' are not afraid of being single 2
Chinese 'single girls' are not afraid of being single 2

November 11 every year in China is called Singles Day.

In China, getting married young has long been considered a principle.

Many young Chinese men see Singles’ Day as an opportunity to propose to their girlfriends and end their single life.

In Zhengzhou city, many parties for singles are also held on this day every year, with the slogan `Escape being single on Singles’ Day`.

`I think most people attend these types of parties just to have fun, not looking for a serious relationship,` she said.

Zhou said that her parents introduced her to several people and forced her to go on many dates with them, but none of them won her heart.

`Even though I feel a bit pressured, I think there’s nothing bad about being single. I’d rather live like this than marry a man I don’t really love,` Zhou explained.

Experts say the number of Chinese women choosing to live like Zhou is increasing.

In recent years, Chinese media have repeatedly featured stories about single urban women like Zhou and called them `shengnu`, which means `single women`.

A survey of 3,000 men showed that more than 90% of them think women should get married before the age of 27 to avoid becoming `single girls`.

Chinese 'single girls' are not afraid of being single

There are still millions of single Chinese women who have not been able to find their prince.

Some experts see single women as a sign of individualism and the triumph of feminism.

Experts also note that single women’s emphasis on individualism often conflicts with traditional Chinese values that place emphasis on marriage and family.

`Many Chinese people, especially the elderly, often view living alone as an act of filial piety,` said expert Li Yinhe of the Academy of Social Sciences.

However, Ms. Li believes that society will increasingly have a more open view towards single women and they will also feel more comfortable choosing a solitary life.

`I hope that one day people will be allowed to live the way they want without having to worry about the opinions of those around them. At that time, being single will no longer be seen as a social problem.`

Anh Ngoc (According to Xinhua)

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