Chinese students study for university entrance exams

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Chinese students study for university entrance exams 5
Chinese students study for university entrance exams 5

`Mom, can you buy eye drops online, my eyes hurt,` Song’s son said during a break after taking the six-hour online course.

The last time the mother felt so restless was 17 years ago, when she was pregnant with her son during the SARS epidemic.

Most Chinese high school students are used to online learning, but the downside of this method is the lack of connection with friends and school.

To avoid stress, Zhou created an online chat group with other girls in class.

Sharing the same sentiment, Zhou still comforted his friend: `It’s okay. Me too. Let’s pass this unique gaokao exam together.`

Chinese students study for the 2019 gaokao exam. Photo: Yin Ming

Chinese teachers are also under great pressure to switch from traditional teaching to online courses, especially those preparing for the gaokao exam taking place in June. Li, 53 years old, history teacher in

`The lesson plans, solutions to exams from last year, and mock test questions I worked hard to prepare are all at school. I can’t prepare them all again in just 10 days,` Li said, saying he had to stay up late, collect

In addition to the problem of lesson plans, many teachers have problems using technology equipment, others say it is difficult to monitor student progress.

For the rest of the day, Liu continuously `pops in and out` of online classes to check on teacher-student interactions, talk to each student to understand their learning progress and health status.

Gaokao, the university entrance exam in China that usually takes place in June every year, is considered an important event in every student’s life, deciding their future.

By March 28, Covid-19 had spread to 200 countries and territories, causing nearly 600,000 infections and more than 27,000 deaths.

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