Compensation policy for 331 Thu Thiem households

Compensation policy for 331 Thu Thiem households 2
Compensation policy for 331 Thu Thiem households 2

On October 6, the 9th Ho Chi Minh City People’s Council held its 16th session (extraordinary session) to consider a number of reports from the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, with the focus being on approving policies on compensation and support.

`The city needs to urgently implement additional compensation, support, and resettlement policies to ensure people’s safety and limit the emergence of complicated situations. The expected policy content has been agreed upon by the majority of people.`

A corner of Thu Thiem New Urban Area, District 2. Photo: Huu Khoa.

Regarding the compensation plan, the city will based on the land prices of neighboring projects according to the state price frame.

Specifically, the compensation price will be calculated according to the reference coefficient, that is, the uncontrolled market price will still be calculated as a basis for reference to the coefficient of the ratio of the land area to be exchanged.

Accordingly, one square meter of Tran Nao frontage land is converted to 1.3 square meter of land fronting on Luong Dinh Cua street;

The conversion principle is that the farther the land location is from the center of District 2, the larger the area received.

According to Mr. Hoan, the city’s opinion is that compensation is most beneficial to the people.

`People have the right to choose any option, but according to the city, people should choose other resettlement land or a better house rather than receive money,` Mr. Hoan said, saying that with the plan to apply the resettlement coefficient,

Compensation policy for 331 Thu Thiem households

The 4.3 hectare land is still abandoned and has not been built and only a few households still live.

Also according to Mr. Hoan, people have two ways to receive compensation.

Subsequent verification report of the submission, Mr. Trieu Do Hong Phuoc – Head of the Economic and Budget Committee, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Council evaluated the decision on the policy for the City People’s Committee to develop and promulgate a policy to resolve compensation and support.

The Economic and Budget Committee and the City People’s Council requested the City People’s Committee to be responsible for developing and implementing policies to resolve compensation, support, and additional resettlement for households in the 4.3 hectare land area in accordance with the law.

100% of delegates present voted to approve the proposal.

Ho Chi Minh City has implemented planning for Thu Thiem New Urban Area since 1996, with an area of ​​930 hectares, located on the East bank of the Saigon River, about 300 meters from the center of District 1 as the crow flies.

The city government affirmed that the project is not for real estate business.

However, more than 20 years after the planning, there are still more than 100 households complaining from the city to the Central Government because they believe that Ho Chi Minh City reclaimed their land illegally.

The Government Inspectorate twice announced a series of violations by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee and related ministries such as: wrongly recovering 4.3 hectares outside the planning boundary;

The Government Inspectorate requested Ho Chi Minh City to recover tens of thousands of billions of VND due to improper advances and improper approval of total investment in BT infrastructure projects;

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