Defeating IS in Ramadi – quenching Iraq’s thirst for victory

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Defeating IS in Ramadi - quenching Iraq's thirst for victory 0
Defeating IS in Ramadi - quenching Iraq's thirst for victory 0

Iraq regains control of Ramadi.

According to CNN, the recapture of Ramadi, which IS has controlled for seven months, is a sign that closer coordination between Iraqi forces and the coalition’s air force is bearing fruit.

The Iraqi army did it on its own

Most of the victories against IS in Iraq since the beginning of the year have been thanks to Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Shiite Muslim militias.

Shiite militias, backed and advised by Iran, were at the forefront of the effort to retake Tikrit in March.

After the ISF’s major defeat in Mosul in June 2014, the US retrained Iraqi infantry brigades.

Ramadi was a major test for the ISF, and its recapture was a notable first success because it did not rely on Shiite militias.

More defeat for IS

IS occupied Ramadi in May after months of attacks and bombings.

But since then, IS has fallen many times in Iraq.

In Syria, IS made progress in Homs province, occupying the city of Palmyra in June. However, in the north, they were pushed back by the alliance of Syrian Kurds and Arab tribes.

The fall in Ramadi was a blow to the `prestige` that IS always flaunted, which relied on its ability to control territory and govern like a real nation.

According to an assessment by military magazine IHS Janes, the area of ​​territory controlled by IS has decreased by 14% compared to the beginning of the year, including many densely populated areas, in strategic locations such as Eski Mosul and the border gate between the two countries. Syria with Türkiye.

Prime Minister Abadi was ‘relieved’

Just a month ago, some foreign as well as Iraqi commentators said that Prime Minister Abadi’s government could not save the situation.

Mr. Abadi faces difficult challenges such as tackling corruption, reforming the economy, and trying to maintain the support of the Shiite community while reaching out to the Sunni tribes.

Prime Minister Abadi had previously promised to reclaim Ramadi, and agreed to keep Shiite militias out of the campaign, fearing it might upset local Sunnis.

Defeating IS in Ramadi - quenching Iraq's thirst for victory

The Iraqi army will likely advance to Mosul after liberating Ramadi.

However, analysts consider this a much more difficult task than Ramadi.

Challenges ahead

IS is still trying to increase the morale of the rebels.

Although the Iraqi army claims to have destroyed hundreds of IS fighters in Ramadi since July, IS’s withdrawal, not its complete destruction, gives them the opportunity to reorganize their forces on the outskirts of Ramadi.

From previous developments in Iraq, it can be seen that repelling IS from cities is not the most difficult task.

Photos and videos taken in Ramadi show many damaged areas.

In July, the World Bank announced the establishment of an Iraq reconstruction fund with a scale of 350 million USD, to restore electricity, water, housing, and roads and bridges in Salahdin and Diyala provinces.

However, the number of people having to leave their homes is very large, making the task very heavy.

In congratulating Iraq, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter emphasized the task of rebuilding life for local people.

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