Desperate American doctor asked for masks on social networks

Desperate American doctor asked for masks on social networks 6
Desperate American doctor asked for masks on social networks 6

A nurse in an intensive care unit in Illinois was required to wear a surgical mask for five days.

An emergency department doctor in California said her colleagues started storing dirty masks in plastic containers for reuse.

A pediatrician in Washington state tries to save money by sterilizing them with alcohol and reusing them until they break.

All are true stories, told by American medical staff when Covid-19 escalated.

`The situation is really bad. I think we are not ready enough,` said Dr. Niran Al-Agba, a 45-year-old pediatrician who runs a private clinic in Seattle.

Al-Agba is one of hundreds of medical workers seeking help to face the epidemic this week.

A healthcare worker at Northridge Hospital in California cleans a protective shield earlier this month.

Dr. Al-Agba has been tracking the spread of the virus since late February, when a patient with Covid-19 died at a nursing center in Kirkland, Washington state.

Al-Agba had to ask for help from the community.

`Someone left two boxes of masks on my doorstep. I will save them. I sprayed them with disinfectant alcohol and used them many times until they broke. This is the way to cope,` she said.

For weeks at a time, she conducted `drive-in visits` for people with fevers or coughs.

`After 20 years of practice, as the third generation doctor in my family, I think this is something new. Before, I never imagined I would have to go to work and feel worried about my life.`

The hashtag #GetMePPE (#Provide-us-protective-equipment) is spreading on social networks.

Doctors and nurses need a large amount of protective gear because they come into contact with cases every day and have to change masks many times.

WHO guidance says healthcare workers only need to use regular surgical masks.

An anonymous doctor at the Northern California emergency department said many medical staff at her hospital were cross-infected with the virus while treating patients with Covid-19 and had to self-isolate at home.

According to Michigan pediatrician Vidya Ramanathan, the need for medical equipment is huge.

`Medical staff are working hard to prevent the pandemic from spreading further. We hope everyone takes this as seriously as we do. The key to helping is social distancing and staying home.`

Desperate American doctor asked for masks on social networks

Doctor Niran Al-Agba took photos of masks donated by people in front of her house after her appeal via Twitter.

The scarcity of medical supplies mainly stems from the prolonged epidemic in China.

Last month, US surgeon Jerome M. Adams called on the community to stop buying masks to give them to medical staff.

Experts explain that the virus has the ability to spread quickly through surfaces the patient has touched, rather than droplets in the air.

The US federal government’s strategic medical supplies stockpile currently has 12 million N95 masks and 30 million regular medical masks.

In previous epidemics such as SARS in 2003, a series of medical workers were infected and many died.

`This is like a world war. We need to do our best and save as much as possible,` said Dr. Al-Agba.

He faces the risk of running out of medicine and ventilators

Doctor: `We go to work for you, you stay home for us`

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