Experience green tourism only in Singapore

Experience green tourism only in Singapore 4
Experience green tourism only in Singapore 4

Climate change is a global issue, and Singapore is one of the places directly affected.

Landfill worth 360 million USD

Coming to the landfill on Semakau Island, tourists will not see piles of trash.

Infrastructure on the island is worth $360 million, with a 7km long surrounding wall built from sand, stone and clay, to prevent waste leakage.

Semakau is the only landfill in the world that both accepts daily waste and supports a thriving ecosystem, with more than 700 types of flora and fauna – some of which are endangered.

Wildlife is the most precious thing at Semakau, so much so that the scale of the landfill has been changed to ensure the two mangrove forests have access to fresh water when the tide changes.

Besides, the island is also the only active landfill open to visit up to 5 days a week.

Experience green tourism only in Singapore

Guests need to make an appointment with management at least 3 weeks in advance, admission is free.

`City amidst nature`

`City amidst nature` is the general orientation of the Lion Island to create balance and harmony in parallel with infrastructure development.

Experience green tourism only in Singapore

Jewel Changi has rich vegetation with more than 3,000 trees and 100,000 shrubs.

Singapore also launched a project to improve the Jurong Lake district tourism development area with an incredible investment to turn this place into a world-class tourism and lifestyle complex.

Located in the Mandai Precinct area, Jurong Bird Park with an area of 17 hectares will be home to the world’s largest collection of birds.

Experience green tourism only in Singapore

The giant bird garden with different ecosystems is a new feature of Jurong Bird Park.

A place to regenerate water sources

Although Singapore is famous for its thriving economy, it lacks one essential thing: water.

PUB established a water treatment technology validation team in 1998. Just two years later, the agency built a plant that can produce 10,000 cubic meters of clean water from wastewater a day.

A group of international experts in engineering, biomedical science, chemistry and water treatment technology, assessed NEWater as always safe and of high quality, while meeting the requirements of the World Health Organization (

Because it reaches super cleanliness, NEWater is mainly used in industry or in the air conditioning process at wafer factories (thin silicon wafers for semiconductor chip production), factories, commercial buildings, etc.

Experience green tourism only in Singapore

Tourists can visit Singapore’s education center on sustainable water exploitation.

To learn firsthand about Singapore’s NEWater water regeneration technology, visitors can visit the NEWater Visitor Center, an educational center on sustainable water exploitation.

Complying with Covid-19 safety management measures, the center only accepts a maximum of 40 visitors at a time.

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