Experts say it’s too early to think ‘Covid-19 is no longer dangerous’

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Experts say it's too early to think 'Covid-19 is no longer dangerous' 8
Experts say it's too early to think 'Covid-19 is no longer dangerous' 8

As the pandemic continues into its second year, many people have the same opinion: `Everyone will get Covid-19.`

`Yes, it’s very possible that you will get sick in the future. I think at some point, everyone will get the virus. People are starting to get discouraged and give up,` Helen Branswell, reporter for Stat

This is relatively easy to understand because of the rapid spread of the virus in even vaccinated people.

The view that `Covid-19 is no longer dangerous` also stems from the fact that F0 cases have relatively mild symptoms after virus infection.

However, experts advise people to be cautious.

`Older adults have good reason to prevent infection, because their risk of hospitalization is so significant,` said Dr. Shelli Farhadian, of Yale University.

The research team of Dr. Julia Hippisley-Cox, Oxford University, learned about the risks of Covid-19 for different age groups.

Accordingly, the death rate after Covid-19 infection of vaccinated women over 75 years old is 0.45%.

The elderly woman at Fircrest Nursing Home, McMinnville city, USA, received a booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine, October 2021.

However, experts believe that Omicron’s risk will be lower.

Experts compare the new Covid-19 stage with seasonal flu.

Janet Baseman, an epidemiologist at the University of Washington, advised the public to be cautious.

`We should not consider Covid-19 as the flu,` said Dr. Azra Ghani, Imperial College London.

According to Dr. Baseman, in the worst scenario, a 70-year-old patient with Covid-19 has moderate symptoms, needs treatment but cannot go to the hospital because of overcrowding.

Experts note that this situation will not last forever.

When information is still incomplete, the community should eliminate high-risk activities and take simple preventive measures such as wearing masks.

Officials can apply anti-epidemic measures that have little impact on the economy, such as requiring people to present Covid-19 green cards when entering restaurants or flying;

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