Falling at age 30 is not the end

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Falling at age 30 is not the end 16
Falling at age 30 is not the end 16

Talking about the frustrations and pressures of people entering their 30s, reader Nam Le shares how he got back up:

When I turned 30, I felt my passion and enthusiasm for work plummet.

I manage many areas in the company, which leads to increasing work pressure.

As for me, the loss of passion is due to not daring to face pressure or in other words, avoiding or running away from it, and a few weeks ago I almost gave up.

At that time, I planned to switch to another lighter job.

Are not.

– Take a pen and paper and write down all the negative thoughts that are in your head right away, as many and as detailed as possible.

– Arrange and consider solving each problem.

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People in their 30s often compare themselves with their friends, thereby putting pressure on themselves. Reader Thao changes jobs and regains confidence:

Many people lose direction because of comparing themselves with successful friends.

For many reasons later, my husband and I divorced when I was 30 years old.

I decided to quit my old company’s job, retake a short-term course on my previous job to update my knowledge, spend time taking care of my children and arrange child rearing properly.

Then I applied for a job.

Everything can start again.

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