Family traveling by ‘mobile home’

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Family traveling by 'mobile home' 1
Family traveling by 'mobile home' 1

During Tet days, in front of Mr. Lam Son’s house (34 years old) is strewn with materials to build a `mobile house`.

Mr. Son said he had cherished the idea of building a mobile home for a long time, especially after getting married, he rarely made trips by motorbike like before.

Taking ideas from motor homes in movies he watched as a child, Mr. Son spent 2 months coming up with the idea.

The materials used to make furniture are mainly pressed pine wood.

Family traveling by 'mobile home'

The car has a usable area of about 5 m2 and is fully equipped with basic equipment.

The construction process encountered many difficulties because the members did not have much experience, and time was tight, because Mr. Son’s father had to return to work away from home after Tet.

After completing the car, the couple’s test trip with their two young children was to Dong Mo Lake.

Mr. Son shared that the biggest difference that the `mobile home` brings to his family is that it helps save costs and ensures privacy.

Living in a car is not as comfortable as living at home, because the space is narrow and the noise protection is not good.

Family traveling by 'mobile home'

Mr. Son’s 2 children are 6 years old and 4 years old.

Mr. Son plans to take his family across Vietnam on this car next summer, so that his children will have the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery of his country, meet many new friends and build the habit of exploring and learning.

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