Fears make it difficult for you to become rich

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Fears make it difficult for you to become rich 1
Fears make it difficult for you to become rich 1

1. Fear of new things

To get rich, you will have to overcome many psychological obstacles.

To thicken your wallet, first, you need to maintain a strong mentality to fight the phenomenon that science calls `neophobia` – the tendency to resist or withdraw from unfamiliar objects or situations.

2. Don’t want to give up what’s not necessary

How is `Need` different from `Want`?

3. Afraid to find allies to implement new ideas

In `Think and Grow Rich`, Napoleon Hill talked about `idea alliances` – when many people help an entrepreneur achieve his goals.

4. Fear of failure

Who among us is not afraid of failure?

5. Don’t want to be a target

Money can give rise to envy and jealousy from rivals, family members, and even friends.

6. Fear of deprivation

To have abundance, you will have to always believe and pursue them.

7. Fear of changing habits

Maintaining budgeted spending from year to year will have both advantages and disadvantages.

8. Haunted by what your parents say

Some parents are conscious of teaching their children about finances, but others only tie their children’s money dreams to dozens of views and opinions about money.

9. Afraid of being hated by friends

Friends will react in many ways if you become rich.

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