Female prostitutes are not afraid of being single

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Female prostitutes are not afraid of being single 3
Female prostitutes are not afraid of being single 3

Quynh Nhu (27 years old, Thai Binh) has middle-class beauty, graduated from university, has a stable career, but for some reason, she still doesn’t have a `love interest` until now.

In a similar situation is Thao (28 years old, Hanoi), tall, pretty, with a master’s degree, currently working as an administrator for a large corporation.

If Thao wants to get married but fate has not yet come, Van (32 years old, Hanoi) is the complete opposite.

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Psychological consultant Van Thanh Si, hotline 1088 in Ho Chi Minh City, said that in the past, during the feudal period, 12-year-old girls were ready to get married, and gradually the age of marriage was extended to 18-

Experts give 3 main reasons why women increasingly tend to get married late:

– Due to social development, the view of women is much more open than before.

– Due to heartbreak, problems in love, an unfortunate `accident` in love causes them to lose faith in men.

– Due to being deceived.

However, will this trend of getting married slowly continue to increase in the next few years?

Physiologically, the best age for women to give birth is 18-28.

Furthermore, if all women tend to marry late and have children late, it will not only be bad for themselves but also bad for the next generation, causing society to deteriorate further.

In terms of psychology, the expert uses a humorous example like this.

Thus, according to expert Van Thanh Si, women who get married early are still most welcome and the best age for a girl to get married is 25.

Psychologist and master Nguyen Thi Tam also believes that getting married sooner or later is a personal matter and the right of each person.

According to Health news, women’s fertility begins to decrease when they turn 30 and begins to decline sharply at age 35-36.

The character’s name in the article has been changed.

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