Fish salad, delicious dish of Nga Son land

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Fish salad, delicious dish of Nga Son land 1
Fish salad, delicious dish of Nga Son land 1

Fishing villagers in Thanh Hoa said that fish are very difficult to catch, they often reside at the bottom of coastal lagoons, estuaries, and rice fields.

The appearance of the fish is similar to that of an eel or a snake.

Making fish salad is not difficult, but to be delicious, the maker must work quickly so that the fish is fresh and not fishy.

The meat is sliced very thinly, squeezed with fresh lemon, then squeezed to drain and put into a large bowl, quickly marinated with spices and mixed with sticky rice made from golden roasted sticky rice.

Fish salad is eaten with many different types of leafy vegetables, but must include lemon leaves, fig leaves, basil, perilla, and mint.

If other places eat salad with shrimp paste and fish sauce, the highlight of Nga Son fish salad is the dish.

Fish salad, delicious dish of Nga Son land

Fish salad is indispensable without raw vegetables.

Many people who enjoy this strange dish for the first time enjoy the way the salad is rolled.

The first feeling when chewing is the crunchy, slightly acrid taste of the vegetables, followed by the greasy taste of the fish, the sweet and chewy taste of the fish salad, the spicy, strong, fragrant, hot taste of ginger, lemongrass, and chili.

Nga Son people, when serving guests with fish salad, will put it on a tray with a bottle of sticky rice wine.

Up to now, fish salad appears in many restaurants and eateries, becoming a Thanh specialty known to friends near and far.

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