Four hypotheses about Covid-19 weakening in Japan

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Four hypotheses about Covid-19 weakening in Japan 7
Four hypotheses about Covid-19 weakening in Japan 7

From about 20,000 people infected with nCoV a day in August, the number of cases in Japan suddenly decreased vertically until mid-October. Tokyo recorded 6,000 people infected with Covid-19 a day in mid-August, reported on November 24

Many people wonder why the number of Covid-19 cases in this country has decreased dramatically.

First, according to Mr. Quy, the Covid-19 vaccine coverage rate in the community is high, with 75% of the Japanese population having completed the vaccination course.

However, according to Professor Mike Toole, an epidemiologist at the Burnet Institute, vaccination is not the only reason why the number of infections in this country has suddenly decreased.

Doctor Quy made the second hypothesis, which is the influence of climate.

The third assumption is people’s awareness.

Finally, the factor that has not changed from before but can make a difference with other countries is the quiet, quiet nature of Japanese people, who do not stand shoulder to shoulder, gossiping while working.

Restaurants crowded with customers in Tokyo in October 2021.

In the above assumptions, Dr. Quy emphasized: `The Japanese people pay a lot of attention to the factors of ventilation and distancing.`

When discovering an infection at work, Japanese people were very calm.

In addition to the impact of widespread vaccine coverage, there is an opinion that the decrease in the number of people being tested leads to a decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases.

Besides Dr. Quy’s hypotheses, many experts believe that Covid-19 in Japan weakened because the virus struggled to correct errors for a long time, eventually leading to `self-destruction`.

However, all this is just a hypothesis, not yet proven.

However, many experts warn against hastily assuming that the danger is over, and say the number of infections could increase again as winter approaches and people gather more during the final party season.

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