Four-point online wedding during the pandemic

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Four-point online wedding during the pandemic 4
Four-point online wedding during the pandemic 4

On the morning of November 30, in the 10 m2 living room of an apartment in Phu Nhuan district decorated with fresh flowers and candles, groom Tran Thu Hoang, 31 years old, stood waiting.

At 10:30, the computer at the ceremony hall was connected to three bridge points, the groom’s parents’ house in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City;

The wedding ceremony was carried out with full procedures, with the MC being an uncle from Binh Dinh bridge and ended after nearly an hour with the exchange of rings.

`It’s not as perfect as expected, but I’m happy to receive everyone’s love,` the new bride shared.

Thu Hoang and Tu Anh with their aunt and her husband at the online wedding held in Phu Nhuan district on the morning of November 30.

The bride Tu Anh is a lecturer at a university in Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Hoang works in the information technology industry of a company based in Hong Kong.

After the gap, the two families finalized their engagement ceremony at the end of November and welcomed the bride.

Unable to delay any further, Tu Anh and Hoang proposed to have an online wedding and both families agreed.

But this was not beyond the expectations of Mr. Le Van Hao, 57 years old, Tu Anh’s father.

The two plan to hold a simple, compact wedding to set a date and report to relatives on both sides.

A few days before the wedding, the groom’s family ordered a service to make five bride-price trays in Binh Dinh and hired someone to bring them to the bride’s family on the right day and time.

Four-point online wedding during the pandemic

Bride Tu Anh and groom Thu Hoang at the wedding on November 30.

Close to the wedding day, Mr. Hao couldn’t sleep many nights.

The moment he watched his two children bow to their ancestors from afar, then exchanged wedding rings and raised a glass of blessing with relatives from both sides, he secretly wiped away tears of happiness.

`Online wedding, but the happiness and emotions are no different from regular weddings,` said Mr. Pham Ha Phu, founder of a wedding planning company in Ho Chi Minh City, and also organized the wedding for the couple.

After the compact, cozy wedding, Thu Hoang and Tu Anh and their crew set up a studio to take wedding photos from the balcony and every small corner of the room.

One day soon, Thu Hoang hopes to hold a wedding celebration party with all his relatives and friends as promised to his wife.

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