France accused Australia of ‘stabbing in the back’ of its ally

France accused Australia of 'stabbing in the back' of its ally 3
France accused Australia of 'stabbing in the back' of its ally 3

`This is a stab in the back. We established a relationship of trust with Australia and this trust has been betrayed,` French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on radio today, after Australia announced

French Defense Minister Florence Parly said the country is studying measures to limit financial losses after Australia canceled the submarine purchase contract signed with shipbuilding corporation Naval Group, and left open the possibility that Paris would

Naval Group expressed disappointment in advance and said `the process of analyzing the consequences of Australia’s decision` will be conducted in the coming days.

The French Barracuda-class submarine Suffren was tested in October 2020.

French officials also criticized the US, saying Washington’s actions showed a lack of unity during a period when the two allies were facing common challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Australian government in 2016 signed a $40 billion agreement with Naval Group to build 12 Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarines, to replace the force of 6 Collins-class diesel-electric submarines that are about to expire.

The Australian government said in June that it was preparing a contingency plan for the Collins-class submarine fleet.

However, during an online meeting on September 15, US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison suddenly announced that the US and UK would provide technology and technical training for Australia to process.

Prime Minister Morrison said Australia plans to build these nuclear submarines in the southern city of Adelaide, emphasizing that Canberra will comply with all commitments on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

This is the first time the US has shared nuclear engine technology with a country since the transfer to Britain in 1958. `It is extremely sensitive technology, this can be considered an exception to many governments.`

Australia is a maritime nation and possesses a powerful navy, but currently there are only 6 Collins-class diesel-electric submarines in service since 1996. This is an expanded version of the Type 471 submarine class developed by Sweden.

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