Germany is concerned about America’s plans to withdraw troops

Germany is concerned about America's plans to withdraw troops 3
Germany is concerned about America's plans to withdraw troops 3

`Germany-US relations could be seriously affected if the US President makes such a decision,` Peter Beyer, coordinator of transatlantic relations for the German government, said yesterday.

Beyer’s comments came after the WSJ reported that US President Donald Trump had directed the Pentagon to withdraw troops from Germany until September. The withdrawal order will reduce 9,500 soldiers out of 34,500 deployed troops.

`It’s not just about the 9,500 soldiers, but also their families, with estimates including a total of 20,000 Americans. Withdrawal will destroy transatlantic connections,` Beyer added.

US soldiers during a NATO exercise in Orzysz, Poland, in 2017. Photo: AFP.

`If some American soldiers withdraw from Germany, we will take note of this issue,` Maas told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

`We are close partners in the transatlantic alliance. But the situation is quite complicated,` the German Foreign Minister said about the current relationship between Washington and Berlin.

Rof Muetzenich, chairman of the German Social Democratic Party, warned that the plan reported by WSJ could lead to `a long-term restructuring of European security policy`.

German parliamentarian Johann Wedephul assessed that the revealed information and the lack of clear consultation further prove that Europe needs more defense autonomy.

`Everyone benefits from the alliance’s solidarity. Only Russia and China benefit from disagreements. Washington should be more aware of this,` he added.

Speculation that the Trump administration may withdraw troops from Germany, where the most US troops are deployed in Europe, has been circulating for a long time.

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