Going to college isn’t just about making money

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Going to college isn't just about making money 22
Going to college isn't just about making money 22

Debating around the story `The idea of ​​not needing a university keeps many people trapped in poverty`, many VnExpress readers expressed their opinion that education is not the fastest path to success:

I am a person who understands rice learning very well.

The only thing I have found meaningful in nearly 20 years of reading is logical thinking, until now it is the key to my success in the marketplace.

The profession always comes before the career. Without a stable and specialized profession, there will never be a stable and long-term career.

After determining what field you want to work in, determine the profession you do such as repairman, accessories business, assembly… from there determine what you will study to be qualified.

Whether to go to college or not to go to college is really no longer important for those who have goals and have determined for themselves a profession or career.

Learning is good, compared to going to school and dropping out midway, dropouts may have more cognitive limitations than the rest.

Learning is good, but we should not idolize it as the only way out of poverty.

Studying is also a path to a good job, but quitting school is also another path to success.

As for me, I went to university, then became a public school teacher, with a monthly salary of 4 million VND. After quitting and going to a private school, the salary was no more than 8 million VND/month, and I was determined to start over.

Not proud, but in 7th grade I realized that making money was better than having to spend ten years studying and wasting my parents’ money.

While my friend was stable and had a surplus, I had a production facility with a staff of 20 people.

However, others believe that education not only gives people money, but also status and respect in society:

There are traders (called merchants in the past) who still get rich.

The money earned is used for things that are not very good.

Studying at university or graduate school is the foundation, the foundation to build a perfect person in the future.

Higher education will help you understand more fully, more logically, more scientifically about a problem and thereby make faster, more correct decisions, seizing opportunities more quickly.

Engineers, masters, doctors may not be as rich as small businesses, but they have a place in society, high positions in agencies and organizations… Not everyone naturally wants to get married.

It’s not certain that those who dropped out of school and are now successful had the mindset of dropping out of school to become billionaires or drop out of school to become a boss, because dropping out of school and making money is never a good choice.

Those who dare to drop out of school to make money, one is that they can’t study anymore, two, their circumstances are too poor, three, they are extremely talented so they have many better opportunities than spending time studying.

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