Gunter Grass and the final autobiography

Gunter Grass and the final autobiography 3
Gunter Grass and the final autobiography 3

Ha Linh –

Gunter Grass said, Grimms Wörter: Eine Liebeserklärung (roughly translated: The Writings of the Brothers Grimm: An Ode to Love) is a book praising the Brothers Grimm, commenting on the art of using German at the beginning of the century.

`Grimms’ Words will end my autobiography. At this age, anyone would be surprised to see themselves living another spring. And I know how time-consuming writing a book is.

Writer Gunter Grass.

Growing up with Grimm’s fairy tales, Grass said the two German writer brothers left a profound influence on his own work.

Grimm’s stories were also used by Grass to write about the `political and social aspects` of his life.

The new book also recalls that Grass once served as a soldier for the Nazis.

A large part of the interview was spent talking about the Nobel Prize in Literature that Grass won in 1999. The author of The Tin Drum affirmed that the Nobel Literature Prize has little effect on his career, life or work.

The writer further shared that for 20 years before receiving the Nobel Prize, every year he received calls from journalists asking about being considered a Nobel Prize candidate and `ordering` to interview him first.

After releasing his last autobiography, Grass plans to spend the rest of his life on printing and publishing activities.

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