Hanoi requires no gatherings of more than 5 people outside of work

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Hanoi requires no gatherings of more than 5 people outside of work 5
Hanoi requires no gatherings of more than 5 people outside of work 5

On the afternoon of July 18, the Hanoi People’s Committee issued telegram No. 15 on urgent measures to prevent epidemics in the context that the country recorded more than 50,000 Covid-19 cases, with 42 cases in Hanoi today alone.

The government advises people to only go out when absolutely necessary such as buying food, medicine, or emergency care;

People temporarily do not hold weddings;

Capital civil servants are required to be exemplary in epidemic prevention;

The police will strengthen handling of individuals and organizations that do not implement the city’s epidemic prevention measures, do not declare their health, make dishonest medical declarations, avoid, oppose, and do not strictly comply with regulations.

On the morning of July 18, a section of Hang Mam street was blocked due to a suspected case of infection.

All non-essential service businesses must stop;

Production, business and service establishments that are allowed to operate include: Factories, production establishments, traffic works, construction, service establishments, essential goods (such as food, beverages, etc.)

Agencies and offices develop plans to work 50% online, with split shifts.

Commercial centers, supermarkets, people’s markets, and wholesale markets organize arrangements and only sell essential items;

Hanoi requires no gatherings of more than 5 people outside of work

August Revolution Square on the afternoon of July 18.

The government also minimizes travel from Hanoi to other provinces and cities and vice versa.

Trucks transporting goods from other provinces and cities will only deliver goods at the registered place, notify the base authorities, and declare health from the pick-up point, travel process, and stopover station.

The city requires a 50% reduction in operating capacity and 50% in the number of seats on public buses, except for cases of public service reasons, vehicles transporting workers, experts, quarantined people, and vehicles transporting materials.

Affirming that they will not `block the river and ban the market`, the Hanoi city government allows vehicles transporting agricultural products, raw materials for production, and goods to operate but must comply with requirements on epidemic prevention and control.

Compared to previous directive documents, dispatch 15 summarizes all epidemic prevention measures the city is implementing.

Hanoi People’s Committee assigns tasks to each department and district chairmen.

Investors of industrial parks/industrial clusters and production facilities located in industrial parks/clusters shall develop a plan to maintain production in case the factory is blockaded or quarantined, using the factory as a place of quarantine and isolation.

From April 29 until now, Hanoi has recorded 627 Covid-19 cases.

>>Dispatch No. 15

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