Heart surgery on an autistic girl weighs the doctor’s brain

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Heart surgery on an autistic girl weighs the doctor's brain 7
Heart surgery on an autistic girl weighs the doctor's brain 7

The letter was born prematurely, underweight, 7 years old and weighed 18 kg.

On December 20, Dr. Pham Thuc Minh Thuy, Congenital Cardiology Department, Cardiovascular Center, Tam Anh General Hospital, recalled the day of examination when the baby cried and screamed, the doctors and nurses patiently comforted and encouraged him.

The baby needs open heart surgery, but the family is worried that the surgery will affect the child’s psychology.

Doctors also spend a lot of time talking with the baby’s relatives to learn about the baby’s habits and preferences, thereby finding effective ways to approach the baby.

MSc.BS.CKII Ho Thi Xuan Nga, Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, who has a lot of experience interacting with autistic children while working in France, advised the child to bring a doll during the surgery.

The baby’s mother went with her child to the operating room, gave Thu the carefully sterilized doll, and told her, `Don’t worry, sleep with the doll, when you wake up you will see your mother next to you.`

Three hours later, the doctor announced that the surgery was successful and the baby was transferred to the recovery room.

MSc. Nguyen Minh Tri Vien (left) and the surgical team for the pediatric patient.

Thanks to the doll’s `best friend`, the baby’s post-operative recovery journey, even without his mother by his side, still went smoothly.

The day after the surgery, Thu exercised as usual and ate well.

The baby’s mother said that after being discharged from the hospital, the baby slept well, sat and played, and watched TV with her doll friends.

Currently, Thu is taller, weighs 23 kg, participates in activities with her classmates and has started to learn to read.

Heart surgery on an autistic girl weighs the doctor's brain

Baby Thu on a trip to Nha Trang with her family in December. Photo: Provided by family

Dr. Thuy cited many recent studies showing that autism and congenital heart disease are related to each other.

`The treatment process for congenital heart disease for autistic children has not received proper attention, and there are currently no specific instructions on care before and after heart surgery,` Dr. Thuy assessed.

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