Hong Kong faces a third wave of Covid-19

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Hong Kong faces a third wave of Covid-19 3
Hong Kong faces a third wave of Covid-19 3

`The third wave of infections is the worst since the outbreak of the pandemic, even worse than the situation in March,` said Chuang Shuk-kwan, head of the Hong Kong Center for Health Protection Infectious Diseases.

Hong Kong authorities announced 28 new cases of nCoV infection in 24 hours, including 16 cases of community transmission, 33 other people suspected of being infected are waiting for final test results.

The number of new infections caused the total number of infections in Hong Kong to increase to 1,431 cases, of which 7 people died.

Hong Kong people wear masks on the street on July 10.

Among the 33 cases with preliminary positive results for nCoV, there is a 27-year-old employee at the Shenzhen border checkpoint and at least two taxi drivers.

Officials said the above employee worked the last day on July 8 and was informed of the preliminary positive test result for nCoV on the evening of July 10.

While the source of this person’s infection has not been confirmed, health officials believe he was infected with nCoV near the Tsz Wan Shan housing complex, Kowloon district.

`The Covid-19 situation in the mainland as well as Shenzhen is much better than in Hong Kong, the possibility of him contracting nCoV from these sources is lower than the possibility of infection from Tsz Wan Shan,` she said.

Ms. Chuang said that when Hong Kong faced the Covid-19 wave in March, the daily increase in new infections was double digits but the majority of cases were imported from outside or could be traced to the source of infection.

`Currently the outbreak is affecting restaurants, nursing homes, some students as well as some areas and housing areas. We are very concerned about this situation,` Ms. Chuang said.

She also encouraged people to continue practicing social distancing, avoid going out and try to work from home as much as possible.

Hong Kong on July 10 announced the closure of all schools to prevent the spread of nCoV, one day after announcing new limits on the number of people allowed to gather in bars, restaurants and fitness centers.

Covid-19 has appeared in more than 210 countries and territories, causing more than 12.8 million infections, more than 567,000 deaths and more than 7.4 million recoveries.

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