How should gout patients eat during Tet?

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How should gout patients eat during Tet? 1
How should gout patients eat during Tet? 1

Participate in the discussion `Is alkaline ionized water good for people with gout?`

Experts attended the discussion.

With delicious dishes on the banquet table, patients need to pay attention to choosing the most suitable foods.

In a hot pot with lots of vegetables and mushrooms, people with gout should eat green vegetables;

Dessert with non-sweet fruit;

Gout is getting younger and younger, with the risk of causing kidney damage

Gout is a chronic non-communicable disease related to nutritional metabolism in the body.

Although there are no specific statistics, according to most studies, the rate of increase in gout is up to over 5%.

The disease is increasingly rejuvenating, along with the rejuvenation of other chronic non-communicable diseases, especially overweight and obese children before puberty.

Another worrying thing is that people do not have knowledge about gout, or they do, but not enough to monitor and treat it properly.

People who are overweight, obese, and drink a lot of alcohol and beer are at high risk of gout

Doctor Yen Phi pointed out that there are five groups susceptible to gout.

This is also the characteristic that makes office workers often suffer from gout.

In addition, office workers’ meals are unbalanced.

How should gout patients eat during Tet?

Doctor, Doctor Dao Thi Yen Phi.

Serious mistake when treating gout

Gout has the characteristic of progressing silently, with the amount of uric acid slowly increasing in the blood.

After the first acute gout attack with symptoms of arthritis, heat, redness, pain… the body begins to adapt, secreting anti-inflammatory substances.

The next mistake is that some patients after the first episode of acute gout still monitor blood uric acid levels but do not take Western medicine but instead take leaves whose effectiveness has not been proven.

How should gout patients eat during Tet?

Doctor Yen Phi shared that it is necessary to detect the disease early before the first acute gout attack occurs.

Alkaline ionized water helps reduce complications of gout

Doctor Yen Phi said that among the mechanisms for reducing gout, there is one point to note: the more acidic the environment, the more acidic the urine, the more crystal deposits, so people with gout need to increase alkalinity.

On average a day, a person needs to drink an amount of water equal to their weight (kg) multiplied by 40. Of which, 60% is filtered water, 20% is milk, 20% is other water.

Mr. Le Duc Phu, Chairman of the Alkaline Ionized Water Business Association, said that alkaline ionized water (alkaline ionized water) has many health-promoting properties such as natural alkalinity (pH 8.5-9.5).

`Alkaline ionized water is a type of functional water that has been recommended for daily use by the Japanese Ministry of Health since 1965 to support health improvement and prevent pathogens. July 11 is chosen as the day

Also according to this expert, in Japan, people always prioritize healthy products.

Mr. Le Duc Phu added that Japan’s preventive medicine aims to prevent disease rather than treat it, aiming to provide health care before the disease exists.

How should gout patients eat during Tet?

Panasonic electrolytic water purifier is made in Japan, using electrolysis technology to help create 5-7 types of water with different pH levels: daily drinking water, cooking, making milk, cleaning, washing vegetables,

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