How to circulate air in your home to prevent nCoV

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How to circulate air in your home to prevent nCoV 10
How to circulate air in your home to prevent nCoV 10

Dr. Nguyen Thu Anh, National Director of the Woolcock Medical Research Institute in Vietnam, part of the University of Sydney, said: In a closed environment, if there is someone carrying the disease, the virus spreads faster and stronger because of its concentration.

`Therefore, ventilation is an effective solution to help reduce nCoV infection. Currently, most infections appear in households and closed areas such as factories, industrial parks, offices…`

According to Ms. Thu Anh, ventilation measures have also been applied by many countries and included in new regulations in the construction of houses, office buildings, hospitals, factories…

Doctor Nguyen Hong Ha, Vice President of the Vietnam Society of Infectious Diseases, said that during the SARS epidemic in 2003, most Vietnamese medical staff were infected with the virus due to poorly ventilated hospital environments.

According to Dr. Thu Anh, houses or enclosed areas need to open doors, windows, and skylights for natural ventilation/wind.

Regularly turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom at the highest speed.

Offices or poorly ventilated areas can use an ultraviolet light system (UVGI) to kill bacteria.

Start the hyperventilation system two hours before and after occupancy.

`Do not use air conditioning when there is more than one person in a room. Absolutely do not turn on ceiling fans, causing wind to circulate in the room,` Dr. Thu Anh noted.

Dr. Ha emphasized that ventilation in vehicles such as taxis and buses is also very important.

Placing a high-capacity exhaust fan at the window helps with effective ventilation.

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