Impotence at age 19

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Impotence at age 19 14
Impotence at age 19 14

I am 19 years old, living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2017, I started making Tet jam at a friend’s house in Binh Tan district.

I only worked for two weeks but took a break of 1.5 months because I had to stay home to take care of my father for surgery, and prioritize time for my mother to trade in the market and deal with matchmakers, so my income was higher.

Entering 2018, I worked as a delivery boy for a store near my house, and was also the leader of the neighborhood.

The store I work at sells electrical and plumbing items, related to home interiors, but the customers are very stable.

In 2019, I drove a technology car, my job was quite stable, my income grew according to me.

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By September, I was qualified to take the driver’s license test, so I immediately took the test because I didn’t want to keep asking my parents for money.

When the Covid epidemic broke out, I was forced to stay at home.

During that time, my house was also visited by thieves, so I became even more confused.

I don’t want to ask my mother for money all the time because she has diabetes so she needs money for medicine.

A week ago, I met a girl, one year older.

I really need readers’ advice and suggestions to improve myself, from work to personality, to make my life easier.

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