Italy ‘failed’

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Italy 'failed' 2
Italy 'failed' 2

Now, this European country is becoming the world’s second largest Covid-19 hot spot after mainland China, with more than 12,000 infections and at least 827 deaths, much higher than the other two hot spots.

In order to prevent a stronger outbreak of Covid-19, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s government has introduced a series of drastic measures unprecedented in this country in modern times: a nationwide blockade at least until April 3, even

Police patrol outside the Colosseum in Rome, Lazio region after the nationwide blockade on March 9.

An important reason for this drastic measure is that Covid-19 has `engulfed` Italy’s health system, especially in the north, where the outbreak is strongest.

But hidden behind the official figures about Covid-19 is a more serious crisis nationwide.

`Most health care systems are streamlined, so when the number of patients increases abnormally, resources are quickly exhausted. If you respond too slowly, you will be in trouble,` researcher Richard Neher

`What is very clear is that if the rate of nCoV spread does not slow down, the health systems will be overwhelmed,` he added.

In early February, Italy only recorded a few cases of nCoV infection.

The number of nCoV infections increased rapidly, causing Italian officials to hastily introduce a series of drastic measures not inferior to China’s to control the virus.

It is unclear why Covid-19 broke out faster in Italy than in other European countries, but there are several theories put forward.

Another theory is that Covid-19 spread in the hospital system before doctors detected it, making the outbreak more serious.

There is also a theory that the elderly population is Italy’s burden in the fight against Covid-19, because this is the group most vulnerable to nCoV attacks.

`We have found that up to 10% of nCoV positive cases require treatment in the emergency department,` Italian doctors warned in a letter.

What is happening in Italy could be the future scenario of any other Western country.

Testing for nCoV in the US has been slow so far, but many experts expect the number of infections here will increase as health officials begin testing for nCoV on a wider scale.

Predictions about the outbreak in Washington state, where 179 cases were recorded, may explain the above.

As of March 10, he and his colleagues estimated there were about 1,100 cases in Seattle alone.

This is only a prediction within Washington state.

Italy 'failed'

Makeshift emergency room at a hospital in Brescia, northern Italy.

A study on the scale of Covid-19 in the US estimates there were 9,484 cases of nCoV infection in the US as of March 1, nearly 10 times higher than the more than 1,000 reported cases.

`Looking at all the evidence and analysis, I believe we still have many undiscovered cases. They are silently infecting the community, many regions and countries,` Lawrence Gostin, expert

If the number of nCoV infections doubles every week like in Italy now, the US will soon face a crisis.

`I think what happened in Italy shows that if the virus has the opportunity to spread without being detected, it will be very difficult to overcome the consequences. Italy’s failure is a wake-up call for the rest of the world.`

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