Jeep Grand Cherokee L – SUV for American-style families

Jeep Grand Cherokee L - SUV for American-style families 6
Jeep Grand Cherokee L - SUV for American-style families 6

The developed transportation system and the culture of picnicking, traveling on weekends or vacations throughout the year make large SUVs very popular in the US.

Jeep Grand Cherokee is in the same segment as the two SUV models mentioned above and will also be available in Vietnam in 2022. But the company does not choose to sell the standard version, instead it is the long wheelbase (L) version with stylish equipment.

The Grand Cherokee doesn’t take people long to recognize its American design features: muscular, masculine.

The exterior of the American SUV model does not have many complicated lines.

Jeep Grand Cherokee was born primarily to serve the family.

The simplicity of the exterior contrasts with what’s present inside the three-row SUV.

Jeep costs 6 billion VND

Exterior and interior design of Grand Cherokee L model. Video: Cong Khang

Like rivals Ford Explorer or Volkswagen Teramont, Jeep’s SUV model also spreads amenities and entertainment evenly across all three rows of seats.

Passengers in the cabin or second row all have their own entertainment screens but need an HDMI connection to use.

The high price of the Grand Cherokee L also partly comes from the large engine capacity, a 3.6-liter type with a V6 engine.

But that feeling passes quickly thanks to the Jeep’s steering system.

The 8-speed automatic transmission on the Jeep Grand Cherokee L provides quick and smooth gear changes.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L - SUV for American-style families

The overall design of the car is masculine and sturdy.

On the Ho Chi Minh City – Dau Giay – Phan Thiet highway, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L does not have strong acceleration, but in return the body is compact and stable.

Turning from Dau Giay – Phan Thiet highway to Highway 1A, road surface conditions are often uneven, causing the SUV to fluctuate more.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L surpasses E-size SUV models such as Explorer and Teramont in both size and comfort and is alone in its segment in Vietnam.

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