Keep household registration, remove ‘book’

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Keep household registration, remove 'book' 10
Keep household registration, remove 'book' 10

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Every country has a household registration book, but that household registration book is not a document but only in the State’s electronic records.

In addition to the household registration book, many other documents are the same.

For example, the traffic police are only allowed to access parts related to traffic, such as whether there have been violations of traffic laws to the point of making a record, to what extent have they been subject to traffic sanctions, in what cases, including

The ID card also has an identity image and other basic information such as an ID card, but the code (ID card number) is hidden, only displayed when the authorities swipe the card into their computer.

>> Temporarily residing in the city for 20 years, still have to return to hometown to verify background

In addition, some countries also integrate credit scores (citizenship scores) into identification cards.

When your credit score reaches a certain level, you will have many social incentives.

To do these things, there needs to be a national electronic data repository for general management.

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