Kha ‘Banh”s YouTube channel is locked

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Kha 'Banh''s YouTube channel is locked 1
Kha 'Banh''s YouTube channel is locked 1

`This account has been terminated due to violating YouTube’s Terms of Service,` the message displays when viewers visit the Pretty `Banh` channel.

Announcement on Pretty `Banh` channel.

A Google representative said: `Recently, we have faced negative behavior by some YouTubers that has damaged the overall reputation of the content creator community in the eyes of advertisers, media industry

Previously, the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information (Ministry of Information and Communications) also asked YouTube to block Kha `Banh`’s channel.

However, many users believe that not only is Pretty `Cool`, there are still many similar `cybergangster` video channels on YouTube that have not been handled yet.

On April 1, Bac Ninh Provincial Police arrested Ngo Ba Kha to investigate gambling behavior and gambling organization.

Kha 'Banh''s YouTube channel is locked

Quite `Cool` burned a motorbike and posted a video on YouTube.

In a letter sent to content creators in 2018, Ms. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, emphasized YouTube’s 5 priorities: prioritizing transparency and communication activities;

In tightening the policies, Ms. Wojcicki explained: `An open platform means we never know what the next trend or moment will emerge. Creativity and unpredictability bring the

The head of YouTube admitted that there are some obvious policies, such as prohibiting copying content or displaying misleading avatars, but there are also nuanced cases, unique to YouTube.

YouTube also deploys machine learning technology so creators can automatically preview content and prevent offensive comments.

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