Korean men eagerly beautify themselves on the operating table

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Korean men eagerly beautify themselves on the operating table 3
Korean men eagerly beautify themselves on the operating table 3

Park endured that many surgeries in just three years and spent nearly tens of thousands of dollars, to improve his supposedly `ugly` appearance.

Park is one of countless men in Korea who are diving into the whirlwind of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Wee Sung-yun, who performed Park Hyo-jung’s last six surgeries, said that a few years ago his customers were mostly women, but now about a third of his customers are men.

Before and after plastic surgery photos of Cho Min-ho, a young man in Busan, South Korea.

Kang Jang-seo, owner of Man & Nature Cosmetic Center in Gangnam District, Seoul, said that his hair transplant facility has been operating since 2005 but not long after he decided to open a surgery hospital.

Jang-seok usually performs six surgeries a day.

In 2005, then-South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun’s double eyelid correction – which is a coveted factor among women – helped change social perception of cosmetic surgery for men.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Korea ranked 8th in 2010 in terms of total cosmetic surgeries (regardless of gender) completed, and 1st in number

An investigation conducted by Real for Men in early 2012 confirmed that Korean women now have a more favorable view of men who spare no money, spending thousands of dollars on beauty enhancements.

The change in perception also paved the way for TV actors and singers to no longer have to try to hide their history of beauty treatments.

According to Kim Jun-hyung, Editor-in-Chief of the Korean version of the American men’s magazine Men’s Health, the market for fitness equipment and cosmetics for men is growing rapidly, increasing from 20% to 40% each year.

In a context where more than 56% of Korean men said they were dissatisfied with their appearance, Park Hyo-jung’s beauty overhaul journey attracted strong attention in the country and thanks to that, he was able to participate in 10 shows.

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