Lan Ngoc and Dinh Toan won the Golden Kite award

Lan Ngoc and Dinh Toan won the Golden Kite award 1
Lan Ngoc and Dinh Toan won the Golden Kite award 1

After winning the Golden Mai Award, on the evening of March 13, at the Hoa Binh Theater in Ho Chi Minh City, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc was once again named as Best Actress at the Golden Kite Awards ceremony.

People’s Artist The Anh (left) and actress Nhu Quynh (right) awarded the Best Actor award to Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc (red shirt) and Dinh Toan.

* The main awards of the 2010 Golden Kite

Actor Vo Thanh Hoa, who plays Dien, Nuong’s younger brother in¬†Endless Fields, also received the title of Outstanding Supporting Actor amid warm applause.

Particularly in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Feature Film, right from the beginning of the season, many viewers said that the `strong` candidate for this title was Quach Ngoc Ngoan.

Lan Ngoc and Dinh Toan won the Golden Kite award’s voting table created on March 12 has nearly 5,000 votes voted by readers, of which actress Lan Ngoc is the most favorite of readers with nearly 2,000 votes.

Originally a theater artist, Dinh Toan tried his best to express the spirit of a king with many bad reputations and a controversial figure in Vietnamese history.

The feature film that was mentioned a lot during the awards night on March 13 was Endless Fields by director Nguyen Phan Quang Binh.

After Endless Field was awarded the Silver Kite along with Thang Long Desire and Passionate Dance, it is not difficult to guess the most important and awaited award of this year’s event: Golden Kite for excellent feature film.

Lan Ngoc and Dinh Toan won the Golden Kite award

Director Dao Ba Son (left) and the film team `Long Thanh Cam Fake Ca` received the 2010 Golden Kite Award. Photo: Ly Vo Phu Hung.

Although the audience still has some regrets about the film in terms of sound or the acting of the two main characters in the film, overall Long Thanh holds a fake song is a beautiful, emotional work of cinema, imbued with pride.

The absence of films such as: Let Mai count (the producer did not have time to submit the film to the award), Bi, don’t be afraid!

Canh Dieu 2010 also marked the first appearance of short films as an independent genre.

In addition, many awards were also given to cinematographic works in the following categories: Cartoons, science films, documentaries, short films, video films, plastic films… Individual awards were given.

Lan Ngoc and Dinh Toan won the Golden Kite award

Musician Quoc Trung received the award for Outstanding Musician for a feature film for his music in the movie `Endless Fields`.

*Photo: Memorable moment at the Canh Dieu awards ceremony

Using the first period of the program to honor the lifetime achievements of late directors Nguyen Van Thong, Tran Vu and Nguyen Ngoc Quynh shows that Canh Dieu is trying to reach a higher level in its response.

However, like most cultural and entertainment events in the country, Canh Dieu 2010 cannot avoid flaws.

Not only that, from the beginning, by not inviting the award winners to express their feelings, the two MCs missed many moments that gave them the opportunity to express their feelings, thoughts as well as say thank you.

Lasting more than 2 hours, the entire award ceremony took place within a `safe margin` according to the wishes of the program’s organizers: it was formal and formal.

When reading the names of the winners, the two MCs repeatedly turned to the announcers to read the names of the characters and movies so they could copy them down, causing the program to miss a lot of time.

There were only two musical performances performed on this night: singer My Le with The River of No Return by musician Bao Phuc and The Desire of musician Pham Minh Tuan performed by Nam Khanh.

Mr. Dang Xuan Hai, Chairman of the Vietnam Cinema Association, explained that Canh Dieu is an annual festival for artists and the cinema public to `vividly report the results of cinema and television activities in the past year`.

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