Liverpool crushed Man City right at the Etihad

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Liverpool crushed Man City right at the Etihad 0
Liverpool crushed Man City right at the Etihad 0

Liverpool blocked Man City’s way back to the top of the table with a majestic performance, clearly showing many progress under new coach Jurgen Klopp.

The away team seemed to tear Man City to pieces in the first half, with Jurgen Klopp’s trademark fiery attacking style.

Manchester City 1-4 Liverpool

Before the first half ended, Sergio Aguero rekindled fragile hope for Man City by shortening the score to 1-3, in the 43rd minute. But in the second half, only one more goal was scored, when Martin Skrtel completed the score.

For most of the match, Liverpool always appeared dangerous every time they entered the opponent’s field, giving Man City players very little time to handle the ball comfortably.

“The progress of the match was not perfect, but the results from this match made us feel perfect,” Jurgen Klopp said with a smile after the match.

Liverpool played their best match since Jurgen Klopp took charge and won convincingly at the Etihad.

Meanwhile, coach Manuel Pellegrini explained the cause of Man City’s defeat: `We did everything wrong today, in both defense and attack.

Man City owns the ball more, 60%.

Liverpool increasingly has hope of revival under Klopp, as they prove they can dominate even on the field of strong teams.

The German coach once declared that he wanted Liverpool to succeed with a dedicated, attacking style of play.

Liverpool proactively fought fiercely right from the players playing on the front line like Firmino.

Man City was unable to start the match with the usual fast attack method.

The contrasting body language between the two leaders when directing on the field reflected the performances of the two teams.

Coutinho (red shirt) is a nightmare for Man City’s defense in the match at Etihad.

Liverpool’s resounding victory was the result of a team performance.

Coutinho did not play well at the beginning of this season, but the Brazilian `magician` has found his best form since Klopp took over the hot seat at Anfield.

Rookie Firmino initially struggled to keep up with the pace of the Premier League, after moving from Hoffenheim in the summer.

After 13 rounds, Man City dropped from the top of the table to third place, below the phenomenon of Leicester and Man Utd.

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