Many US airlines ban passengers not wearing masks

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Many US airlines ban passengers not wearing masks 3
Many US airlines ban passengers not wearing masks 3

Although most of the world’s major airlines have required passengers to wear masks during flights for at least the past month, many places, especially enforcement of these rules, have been lax in the US.

However, since mid-June this is gradually changing.

Cabin crew will also communicate these policies on board, along with any consequences they may face for not cooperating.

Some airlines require cabin crew to wear masks on the plane.

With United Airlines, flight attendants will remind any passenger not wearing a mask if they are not in an exempt group for reasons such as disability, health problems or age… If the customer does not

`Any final decisions or actions affecting the rights of a future passenger will not be decided on the plane, but after the flight has landed and security forces have investigated the incident.`

Meanwhile, American Airlines’ similar policy took effect from June 16, whereby passengers who do not comply with mask regulations will be refused flights in the future.

Despite calls from flight attendant and pilot unions, the US government has yet to issue any law forcing American passengers to wear masks on planes or at airports.

The new mask rule comes as more and more passengers return to flying in the US.

`Airlines are doing everything they can to make it possible for passengers to fly cheaper,` said Helane Becker, aviation analyst at investment bank Cowen.

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