Minister Nguyen Manh Hung: ‘Vietnamese people are reading more’

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung: 'Vietnamese people are reading more' 5
Minister Nguyen Manh Hung: 'Vietnamese people are reading more' 5

The second Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day takes place from April 15 to May 1 with a series of activities across the country.

– According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, currently in Vietnam, 30% of people read books regularly, 26% do not read books and 44% read occasionally.

– I think Vietnamese people are not reading less but reading more.

Readers read e-books, read online books, then read newspapers and infographics.

With the emergence of ChatGPT, people can ask questions about issues they care about and then read the answers.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung.

– If the answer is `yes`, how do you think you can take advantage of AI and technology platforms to stimulate the love of reading, when in Vietnam up to 70% of people use the Internet – according to

– Putting more books or information about books online can be one of the ways to help works reach more people.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung: 'Vietnamese people are reading more'

Readers visit Ho Chi Minh City’s book street – a place for reading culture exchange in the city for the past seven years.

– Publishing, Printing and Publishing is a technical and technological industry.

– Digital technology of the fourth industrial revolution is not only applied but also fundamentally changes the way of creating products, the way of production, the means of transmission and distribution of the publishing industry.

It is necessary to build a digital book making platform for publishers, providing automatic and intelligent tools for book makers, from the stages of composing, editing, producing, introducing media and distributing diversely.

Publishing now is about making many versions of books suitable for each type of platform.

Many people’s reading habits are changing, for example reading shorter text instead of long text.

– Imagine if there was a summary version of the book with the main knowledge and ideas, the number of pages was reduced by 10-20 times compared to the original.

I feel that in the era of digital transformation, when a unit releases a book, it is necessary to immediately think about its versions: Version on Facebook, YouTube, version on TikTok, Zalo, version for Google.

In a world with too much information, clear, concise and useful message content will easily prevail.

Looking more broadly, what core issues need to be resolved to promote the spirit of reading and thereby develop reading culture?

– If you want to innovate or recreate, you often have to go back to the roots.

The root for developing books and publishing is having readers.

Publishing is also a business and you need to know how to brand and make a difference.

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