More than 100 units built the tallest tower in Vietnam

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More than 100 units built the tallest tower in Vietnam 2
More than 100 units built the tallest tower in Vietnam 2

Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company has just held a ceremony to honor more than 100 partners, subcontractors, construction teams… participating in building the tallest tower in the country – Landmark 81, located in Vinhomes Central Park urban area, Binh district.

In April, Coteccons also completed the installation of the last important item, the spire tower with a height of 60.8 m, bringing the total height of Landmark 81 to 461.2 m, becoming the tallest tower in Vietnam and top 10.

Nearly 1,000 guests, including representatives of partners, subcontractors, engineers, construction teams, experts… attended Coteccons’ gratitude party on May 17 in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the event, representatives of many partners and subcontractors shared that Landmark 81 is the largest project that the units have ever participated in.

Mr. Steven Loh, General Director of FICO Pan-United Concrete Joint Stock Company, said that this is the most difficult project the company has ever undertaken in the design, production and supply of concrete.

More than 100 units built the tallest tower in Vietnam

Mr. Steven Loh, General Director of FICO Pan United, shared the difficult process of casting, pouring foundations and pumping concrete to the upper floors for Landmark 81.

According to Mr. Steven Loh, the technical challenge of pouring for the foundation item of more than 10,000m3 of concrete at one time is the largest volume of concrete ever in Ho Chi Minh City.

The unit first put into use a special concrete product mixed with cement, aggregates, additives…, taking 6 months of research at the Vietnam and Singapore R&D departments to choose the most optimal mix.

`We arranged 7 mixing plants at 5 locations in Ho Chi Minh City with a capacity of more than 800 m3 per hour and 160 tank trucks to serve the most difficult project we have ever participated in,` said Mr. Steven Loh.

Sharing the same opinion as the material supply partner, Mr. Le Cong Khai – head of the Landmark 81 construction team commented that the project went beyond the imagination of the entire team of workers.

`At first, everyone did not know the great stature of the project, but now, everyone is proud that they are the ones who directly built the tallest project in Vietnam, top 10 in the world. Therefore, even though there are many

More than 100 units built the tallest tower in Vietnam

Construction team leader Le Cong Khai said Landmark 81 is the most difficult and proudest project the team has ever participated in building.

Mr. Khai said that due to the strict requirements of the general contractor and supervision unit, every detail of construction, quality control, safety assurance and acceptance are closely monitored.

Besides quality and progress, safety issues are given top priority.

`Workers cannot withstand strong winds at an altitude of nearly 500 m, so we change shifts every 4 hours. The high altitude terrain does not allow for crowds, we only choose about 20 of the best workers.

To ensure project safety, the design, engineer, construction and supervision units hold regular meetings every day and meet whenever necessary to ensure high consistency among relevant parties.

`The numbers must be calculated little by little and every detail in construction must be monitored and checked every day,` said the project’s head of safety department.

Construction on the highest scaffolding in Vietnam, workers’ protective clothing is reinforced to be stronger than usual.

Experts with many years of experience supervising projects in the top 10 tallest buildings in the world affirm that the safety standards at Landmark 81 far exceed many other iconic projects.

`Following the stages from the start of construction until now, I think that the quality of safety assurance in this project is much better than The Shard in London (UK) or Burj Khalifa in Dubai,` Mr. Harris

More than 100 units built the tallest tower in Vietnam

Harris Wayne Jeffrey – Coteccons’ Safety Supervision Director (left) and Coteccons experts and representatives shared many memorable points when building Landmark 81.

Partners, experts and construction units recognize that one of the factors that helped Landmark 81 succeed in all three criteria of safety, quality and progress is thanks to the close coordination between relevant parties, with

Speaking at the partner appreciation ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong – Chairman of Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company honored more than 100 units who have made efforts for common achievements.

`Landmark 81 is the result of the efforts and determination to build prestige and brand over the years of all units, the enthusiasm in labor, and the unanimity to overcome difficulties for continuous development of more than

Landmark 81 has a total construction floor area of up to 115,000 m2, 90,000 m2 of tunnel area, 75m deep foundation, using more than 100,000 m3 of concrete, 80,000 tons of steel.

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