nCoV variant causes a medical disaster in Brazil

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nCoV variant causes a medical disaster in Brazil 5
nCoV variant causes a medical disaster in Brazil 5

The P.1 variant was first detected in two Japanese tourists to the Amazon in early January and has spread to seven countries.

While research on the new variant is still in the early stages, epidemiologists believe P.1 is the culprit behind the quadrupling of Covid-19 cases over the past month in Manaus.

South America’s largest country is at risk of becoming an outbreak of the most dangerous virus variants, according to infectious disease experts.

`Brazil has ideal conditions for the virus to reproduce and mutate. There is no blockade here, many people oppose social distancing and do not wear masks,` said researcher Ana Tereza Vasconcelos working at the laboratory.

The P.1 variant caused 52.2% of new infections in the city of Manaus in December 2020, according to research by Nuno Faria, professor of virology at Oxford University and Imperial College London.

A 34-year-old Covid-19 patient at his home in Manaus, January 22.

In neighboring Peru, in response to the increasing number of deaths, the government banned flights from Brazil.

Brazil recorded more than 220,000 deaths due to Covid-19, ranking second in the world, after the United States.

The Brazilian government has only purchased vaccines for 6 million people, not enough to protect all medical workers, let alone the elderly group of more than 210 million people.

Margareth Dalcolmo, a top researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation that investigates public health issues, burst into tears during an awards ceremony.

nCoV variant causes a medical disaster in Brazil

Funeral home staff transport the coffin of a 57-year-old patient who died of Covid-19.

Manaus was one of the places most heavily affected in Brazil during the first wave of Covid-19 from April to July 2020.

Besides Amazonas, São Paulo is the only state to record cases of this variant.

Scientists are racing to understand the new variant.

Lack of data on the virus’s genetic code during the first outbreak made it harder for Brazil to track variants than countries like Britain.

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