New US mandatory vaccination strategy

New US mandatory vaccination strategy 7
New US mandatory vaccination strategy 7

The Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration plans to issue a set of temporary standards to implement the new rule, which could affect up to 80 million private sector employees.

`This is my message to unvaccinated Americans, what are you waiting for? What more do you need?`, Mr. Biden said.

The new regulations are part of six key US strategies, including increasing vaccination, improving testing capabilities, universalizing Covid-19 treatment methods,… All high-level efforts to

The Biden administration plans to require vaccination for employees at most healthcare facilities using Medicare or Medicaid insurance.

Law enforcement employees have approximately 75 days to be fully vaccinated, exceptions may be related to religion or health.

The new regulations affect about 100 million people, equivalent to two-thirds of American workers.

Some business owners think Mr. Biden’s plan has gone too far.

President Joe Biden at the White House, September 9.

But many experts believe that Mr. Biden has the legal right to do this.

Lawrence O. Gostin, professor of public health law at Georgetown University, commented: `The president’s plan is bold and unprecedented. But I think it is completely legal. He has a legal basis.

Chad Farley, director of market development at Zters, said he welcomed President Biden’s new request.

Health leaders praised Mr. Biden’s efforts, saying the United States needs to go further, such as requiring vaccination when flying.

Data shows rising cases and hospitalizations in many states.

Mr. Biden also called for using the Defense Production Act to promote the production of rapid at-home Covid-19 test kits.

1,400 community health centers and hundreds of grocery stores are expected to receive 25 million free tests.

To raise awareness of wearing masks when traveling, the Transportation Security Administration will double fines for passengers who refuse to do this.

`If you violate, you have to pay a fine,` Mr. Biden said.

The US government will also provide double the amount of monoclonal antibody drugs, mobilize federal medical teams to support hospitals and amend the Emergency Response Act so that pharmacists are provided with Covid-19 treatment drugs.

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