Obama’s legacy is on the brink under Donald Trump

Obama's legacy is on the brink under Donald Trump 0
Obama's legacy is on the brink under Donald Trump 0

US President-elect Donald Trump met President Barack Obama at the White House on November 10.

During the election campaign, billionaire Donald Trump repeatedly implied that he wanted to destroy the legacy that US President Barack Obama worked hard to build.

Mr. Obama once wanted to pass on a lifelong legacy to Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whom he trusted and worked hard to support throughout her campaign.

The plan is not clear

Frequently making contradictory comments and views both when running for office and when elected, the New York tycoon makes it more difficult than ever to predict the policies he really wants to pursue.

Last month, in a speech, he announced he would `cancel all unconstitutional executive actions, memoranda or orders issued by President Obama` on his first day at the White House.

The Iran nuclear agreement is one of those legacies that is on the brink.

`Anything that is enabled by an executive order has the potential to be canceled by another executive order,` commented Zachary Goldman, a former US Treasury Department official now working at New York University.

Previously, President Obama, thanks to receiving enough support from the Democratic Party, was able to block a resolution introduced by Republican members to oppose the Iran nuclear agreement.

Compared to his predecessor, President-elect Trump now has many advantages as he has the opportunity to work with a Senate and House of Representatives controlled by the Republican Party.

Another significant achievement that President Obama made in the final years of his term was restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Last month, Mr. Obama continued to strengthen his efforts to heal with Cuba with an extensive `presidential policy directive`, laying the foundation for future cooperation between the two countries’ governments.

Meanwhile, Trump announced in September that he would reverse the achievements the Obama administration had achieved with Cuba if Havana could not meet his demands.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is also considered a legacy of President Obama, the focus of the `rebalancing to Asia` strategy he pursued.


On the other hand, many people believe that the Obamacare insurance program, President Obama’s greatest legacy, may also come to a dead end under the Donald Trump administration.

Signed into law on March 23, 2010,¬†Obamacare is the federal government’s mandatory health insurance program for low-income families and individuals.

According to Fox News, Obamacare has helped nearly 20 million people buy health insurance,  bringing the uninsured rate in the US to a record low.

However, this health reform law faces fierce opposition from Republicans, including US President-elect Donald Trump.

In addition, the law also affects the pockets of the few high-income people, as they have to pay more taxes to finance the majority of low-income people to buy health insurance.

In the last week of the election campaign, Mr. Trump announced that he would `move very quickly` on repealing Obamacare, and emphasized that he would immediately convene Congress to `complete the task.`

But last week, the New York tycoon said he would likely simply adjust Obamacare, maintaining pillars of the policy such as prohibiting insurance companies from refusing to pay under its terms.

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